About Catherine and EponaWise

“I have never stopped believing that I can talk to animals”

Catherine Holland-Bax

EponaWise Limited is a company that helps Catherine follow her dreams.

Catherine lives in Shropshire with two cats, several chickens and three Icelandic horses. She has never stopped believing that she can talk to animals, and eventually this belief led her into writing stories. 

A graduate of the prestigious Golden Egg Academy, Catherine published her first novel, Little Viking Horse (for eight year-olds and up), in October 2021.

Catherine is currently writing a story of a badger rebellion – just imagine if the badgers decided to fight back against destructive humans, and children could hear the animals talk!

Other Viking horse adventures and stories from the perspective of animals are taking shape in Catherine’s daydreams and notebooks.

As well as writing…

Catherine also enjoys supporting others to develop their passions and personal leadership, and occasionally undertakes coaching or public speaking in order to do this. She is an unconventional leader with a reputation for authenticity and resilience.

Before deciding to talk more to her animals and write stories, Catherine was a CEO in the Probation Service where she was known for using her passion, personal experience, storytelling, and a little humour, to inspire others.

Catherine is an Associate Consultant with Amara Collaboration working to promote more aware leadership in the world. She is a contributing author to Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry in Action; an expert contributor to the design and delivery of Amara’s on-line training Building Resilience in Leadership and The Power of Storytelling in Leadership; and has also co-designed and facilitated transformational leadership development retreats.

Catherine is also a Non-Executive Director/Senior Independent Director in the NHS, a Parish Councillor and Chair of the Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain.

Catherine is an excellent writer and I never tire of spending time with her Little Viking Horse. Get ready for a wild, emotional ride!

Imogen Cooper,
Award winning children’s book editor
Founder of the Golden Egg Academy