Little Viking Horse Book, signed by the Author, with bookmark

Paperback book, signed by the author, with bookmark

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“It’s got that Black Beauty feel…” Penny Thomas, Firefly Press

Little Viking Horse explores the special bond between horse and his boy as they learn to truly listen to each other.

Sold to a new home, Icelandic horse Fleygur longs to find a horse-talking human who will understand him. Instead he endures cruelty and is finally abandoned. Rescued by 11-year-old Roger, Fleygur begins to believe he has found to ‘the one’. But can they each overcome their past trauma? Can Roger hold on to his little Viking Horse, and will Fleygur trust Roger enough to follow him into a burning barn…?

For 8 years and up, adults included!

Cover image: Nicola Guenigault. Cover and book design: Alison Withey. Ilustrations: Mic Rushen, Solva Icelandics.

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